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Amazon Rainforest Facts, Various Animals and Plants [The Lungs of the Earth]

The Amazon Rainforest Facts

Amazon Rainforest is the lungs of the world and includes forests that have not been touched by humans. In the Amazon forest live various types of living things both plants and animals. There are millions of unique and even horrifying animals living there, as well as plants, the numbers are very large and some have not even been found elsewhere. Other unique animals are insects. This tropical forest is a safe place to live for various ecosystems, so many of them live for hundreds of years.


Amazon Rainforest Facts

The Amazon tropical rainforest is very interesting to study and studied further because it is rich in animals and plants. As the lungs of the world, the Amazon forest provides a lot of oxygen to the earth. Read on this article because we will discuss in more detail about Amazon Rainforest Facts.

Where is the Amazon Rainforest?

Amazon or better known as the Amazon river or the Amazon forest is located in South America. Because it is very vast, this tropical rainforest crosses several countries including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.


Amazon Rainforest Facts map

The Amazon forest is the largest tropical forest in the world, naturally if a variety of creatures are in it. The area of 2.2 million square makes this tropical rainforest as habitat for endangered plants and animals.

The Kinds of Plant Grow in Amazon Rainforest

It cannot be denied, in the Amazon forest there are many rare plants that grow. It is estimated that there are around 40,000 different types of plants there. Among the plants commonly found there are Brazil nuts, palm trees, and plants that live on top of other plants called epiphytes.

The Amazon forest is also home to plants such as ferns, vines, and moss. Various plants can grow because they cannot be easily eaten by animals. This is a harsh environment for plants, but they are safe and can grow to large because few animals can eat it. Even some plants have poisons and can endanger the animals that approach them. This is amazing, the poison becomes a weapon for the rare plants to become themselves from the enemy.


Amazon river Facts

Why The Amazon Rainforest called “The Lungs of the Earth“? This is due to the Amazon’s forests contributing greatly to oxygen in the world. More than 20% of the earth’s oxygen is supplied from plants in the Amazon forest. Crowned as the lung of the world is the fact of the incredible Amazon rainforest.

Another fact, plants in the Amazon forest are so dense that the soil is always in a dark state shaded by plants. In fact, it said rainwater took 10 minutes to get to the ground. That’s how thick the plants are in the Amazon jungle.

The Kinds of Animals Live in Amazon Rainforest

The most famous thing in the Amazon forest is the variety of plants, fish, insects, and birds. The fish that inhabit the Amazon are 3000 different types of fish, while insects are more than 3 million different types of insects. Amazing!

While animals commonly encountered there are jaguars, monkeys, anacondas, howlers, sloths, alligators, and apes. These animals live in their respective habitats, some of which occupy the forest floor, plants or in the water to defend their lives from prey and predators.

Animals that live in the Amazon forest are not all tame. In Fact, most of them are dangerous and poisonous animals. Among the dangerous animals, there are electric eels, piranha fish, poisonous dart frogs, even venomous snakes. One of the most dangerous animals that inhabit the Amazon Rainforest besides piranha is Pirarucu. Pirarucu is a meat eater that often eats other fish and it is one that can grow up to 10 feet.

I think this fish is scary, not only its body along the car but its mouth full of sharp teeth at the top and tongue.

How about People, Do They Live In Amazon Rainforest?

People Live In Amazon Rainforest

Other Amazon Rainforest Facts are some tribes that inhabit this place. Apparently, it is not only a place to live animals and plants, but the Amazon is also beautiful for some indigenous tribes there.

There are around 400 to 500 different indigenous groups living in the Amazon forest. Among them, there are about 50 groups whose lives do not want to meet outside humans. They always inhabit the Amazon forest and never want to go out to meet other people.