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15 Amazing Facts About Brazil you don’t know yet

Amazing Facts About Brazil

Brazil is a country that has been independent since 195 years ago. As a country that has long been independent, here are some interesting facts about Brazil that you might not know.

15 Amazing Facts About Brazil

1. Osama Bin Laden-themed bars

The bar with the theme Osama bin Laden is becoming something popular in Brazil. There is a bar in Sao Paulo, there is a bar that is managed by a couple who are both bin Laden. You can find this bar in Niteroi, where it is about 25 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro.

2. The beautiful beach in the world

Apparently, Brazil is a country with the best beaches in the world, according to TripAdvisor. This is the beach of Baia do Sancho. This beach is found on the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, if you come through Christmas, maybe the distance is only 1 hour.

Here there are around 21 beautiful islands that become marine parks which are very good for those who like diving. You can also enjoy the beauty of hawksbill turtles, green turtles and reef sharks, hawksbill turtles, whales, lemons, clownfish, anemones, and even parrotfish. It’s a beautiful and soothing garden.

3. Brazil, the fifth largest country with a population

When viewed from the population, Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country. The population is around 210 million people with an area of 3,287,597 square miles. Brazil borders almost all countries in the southern United States except Ecuador and Chile.

The top 10 biggest countries based on the population

  • China – 1,382m
  • India – 1,327m
  • United States – 324m
  • Indonesia – 261m
  • Brazil – 210m
  • Pakistan – 193m
  • Nigeria – 187m
  • Bangladesh – 163m
  • Russia – 143m
  • Mexico – 129m

4. National motto

Brazil, as a country that has a lot of progress in various fields. This country apparently has a motto, this is “Ordem e Progresso”, meaning “order and progress“.

5. Sao Vicente, the oldest city

Other facts about Brazil is the oldest city. São Vicente is a city near nao Paulo, this is the oldest city in Brazil which is the first permanent settlement of the Portuguese nation. This old city has been around since 1532 AD and needs to be known, this is the city where the famous football player Robinho was born.

6. Pico da Neblina (Mist Peak), the highest mountain in Brazil

Brazil has the highest mountain called Pico da Neblina. This mountain borders the Venezuelan country, at 2,994 meters (9,823 feet) above sea level.

Its peak is almost completely covered in clouds, this mountain was only discovered in 1950 and was first climbed in 1965 or 12 years after Mt. Everest.

7. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil,

To build this capital city, it only took 41 months. Built from 1956 to 1960. Previously, the capital of Brazil was Rio.

8. Large Aeroplane

The city of Brasilia looks like a large Aeroplane if viewed from above the air.

Brasilia looks like a large Aeroplane

9. Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer is the main architect of the building on Brazil, he has designed a building of 500 buildings and most of them you can find in Brazil. One typical Brazilian building is the Cathedral and this is one of the famous buildings. To enter this revival, visitors must pass through an underground tunnel.

10. A number of Nazis fled to Brazil

After the second world war, a number of Nazis fled to Brazil, including Josef Mengele (the “Angel of Death”), he was famous for the cruelty of his experiments and his interest in twins.

In 1935, Nazi sent an expedition to Brazil to set up a post in front of the Amazon.

11. The biggest coffee exporter in the world

Brazil has long been the largest coffee exporter in the world, even more than 150 years ago until now. Data from the 1920s noted that Brazil supplied 80% of the world’s coffee, and then dropped to a third.

12. Tours of Brazil’s shantytowns,

The next fact about Brazil is Tours of Brazil’s shanty towns or “favelas”. The place is an attraction for many visitors.

Among the most famous is the colorful Santa Marta located in Rio de Janeiro, the city has been visited by Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Beyonce.

13. Sao Paulo, the city with the worst traffic jams

Sao Paulo is a city with the worst level of traffic congestion in the world.

Brazil is worst traffic jams

Based on information from the Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego, the state traffic control agent, they noted that the worst traffic in the world occurred there at 15, 2013, with a total distance of 309 kilometers (192 mi).

14. The Amazon River

The Amazon River is the largest river in the world based on the amount of water volume. The amount of water flowing into the Atlantic is around 209,000 cubic meters per second. This number is more than the collection of water volumes from the other 7 largest rivers, this number can meet the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal.

During the rainy season, the Amazon river can swell up to 30 miles wide.

15. Countries with the most airports

The next fact about Brazil is about the number of airports. Brazil has more than 4,000 airports and this is the country with the most airports in the world besides the United States which has around 13,513.