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Things to Know Before Going to RIO DE JANEIRO

Know Before Going to RIO DE JANEIRO

Who doesn’t know Rio de Janeiro? A most popular place in the world and located in Brazil. If you like colorful places, beautiful beaches, friendly cities and a variety of delicious foods, maybe Rio de Janeiro is one of your tourist destinations this year. However, before going to Rio de Janeiro, you must know a few things first.

Things to Know Before Going to RIO DE JANEIRO

What you should know in preparation for going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here we see the review.

1. Call the bus

You must call the bus first as you call a taxi elsewhere. In Rio de Janeiro you have to call the bus even if you are at the bus stop. The bus will not take you up if you don’t raise your hand and show the desire to take the bus.

Another thing you should know is the rules on the bus. Yellow chairs are for disabled people, the elderly, or pregnant women. So you have to know if you see a yellow chair, don’t quickly sit on it. You will be mocked by other passengers.

2. Take the Metro

In Rio, Metro is very clean and this is amazing, it needs to be appreciated. I use it during the day, and it’s very safe. If you are there, it looks like you need to try the metro.

3. Jaywalk

In Rio de Janeiro, Jaywalk is a thing that can and is often done on the highway. So, it’s not strange if you see a lot of people walking there.

Be careful if you walk, pay attention to scooters and motorcycles so that you don’t hit them.

4. Know where to take a taxi

If you are at the airport. You can take a taxi in the departure zone. Taxi here is cheaper compared to taxis in the arrival zone.

Uniquely, you will not find the driver with English there. It’s best to learn Portuguese if you like to travel. Or you can also write on paper.

5. There are many dishes

I am impressed with Brazilian foods. There are fruits, tapioca, feijoada, and BBQ. If you like Brazilian food, there are many dishes that you can try there.

Maybe if you just arrived, you are still familiar with the habits in your place. But don’t be shy or reluctant to enjoy food like locals. They usually drink fresh juice for breakfast and consume street food for lunch. Don’t worry, it’s cheap and tasty. If your allowance is limited, you can spend only $ 15 dollars per day.

In Brazil, there are other ways to save money there. Go to “Por quilo”, you only need to pay according to the weight of your food.

6. Say “No” for Tap Water

Don’t drink tap water even local people don’t do it. You can get bottled water everywhere. This is not good for your health.

7. Withdrawals at the airport

Visiting Rio de Janeiro is not as expensive as you might think. During the 10 day trip I only spent around $ 300, this included meals and trips for one person. But not including lodging money, I stayed at a friend’s place so I could save.

If you use a credit card, you can use it almost everywhere. It’s easy to pay even difficult to take cash.

So, what about money withdrawals at airports. I don’t recommend it because the exchange rate is bad. Unless you want to withdraw in small amounts. You can do that!

8. Be careful and take care of your safety

Nothing bad will happen to you, but remember, Rio de Janeiro is a dangerous city. Safety advice generally applies when you are here. Look at your items well, don’t go out at night yourself. What’s more important is listening to your intuition or your heart.