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Visit Fernando de Noronha, 10 Facts to Know Before Visiting

For traveling lovers, it's important to know how to travel to an area such as Fernando de Noronha. There are many facts that you must know before make a booking

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Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago consisting of 21 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located about 354 km from the coast of Brazil. The name of the archipelago (Fernando de Noronha) is taken from the name of a Portuguese merchant “Fernão de Loronha”. Most of the islands on this island are uninhabited, only one of the main islands inhabited is homonymous. The area is about 18.4 km2 with a population of around 2.718 in 2012.

Do you want to visit Fernando de Noronha? Wait a minute, this is a protected island and you can’t just go there. Before going there, there are at least 10 points that you should know. So, in this article, we share 10 things you need to know if you want to come to Fernando de Noronha.

1. It’s expensive

Islands are considered beautiful places, so the price is also premium compared to vacationing in other Brazilian plains. Fernando de Noronha is very expensive even if you compare it to large cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Of course, you need a hotel, and the cheapest hotels are around USD$170 for one night and even more expensive. Apparently, you won’t want to play too far there like diving, use a boat, etc. Prices are things that need to be considered.

2. Know the Transport Options

If you want cheap, transportation that you choose you are a bus, it’s good to get around to see the place. There is a bus back and forth on the main road there, he commutes between north and south. In addition, you can also rent a car to get around, but beside the coast, there are many places that have no road so the car must stop. Alternatively, you rent a boat. You can freely enjoy the beauty of the beach there.

Visit Fernando de Noronha

3. Beaches are Closed Based on Certain Months

Why is it limited to certain bulbs? It’s not certain to be a time for turtles to nest so visitors are very limited. One of the beautiful bases “Praia do Leão is closed from January to June, closed late at afternoon until early morning. It aims to provide comfort to the turtles to make nests. So, check first from your hotel, which islands are closed, but there are many other islands that are open and you can visit.

4. The Number of Visitors is Limited Per Day.

They make this regulation to preserve the island and ecosystem there. The number of visitors allowed to visit “Fernando de Noronha” is around 450 to 500 people per day. So, it is important for you to find out information about Fernando de Noronha before you book the plane or know the hotel.

5. You Have to Know How to Come There

This is also an important thing you know, there are two ways to go to Fernando de Noronha, through water or air. So, there are domestic flights that go to Fernando de Noronha every day, these planes depart from Recife, Natal, Maceio, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, and Aracaju. However, in October and February, several cruise ships perched on the port of Fernando de Noronha. If you have a private cruise ship, you can go directly to it personally.

6. Pay a Fee for Entering the Island

All visitors to Fernando de Noronha are charged a tax called environmental maintenance tax. It costs $14 for one day. If you visit for a week, of course the tax price is getting bigger. So, ask this to your travel agency. You can pay online or when it comes to places. In addition, you also have to pay an ecological tax (taxa ecológica) in order to enter the island’s national park, the price is R$65 ($20) for locals (Brazilians) R$130 ($ 40) for migrants.

7. Possible Flights Can Occur

You must be prepared if the flight schedule changes because the plane cannot land if there is rain on the island. You don’t need to worry about this, calm down and wait for the latest information.

8. Don’t Forget for Mosquito Repellent

Many mosquitoes in Fernando de Noronha. So, prepare mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites. Try using an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent brand as recommended by the officials on the island. Find out this information on your travel agency.

Visit Fernando de Noronha

9. Take cash with You

Bring cash with you. There is also a money machine but a little and a little far from the place. Some places also accept credit cards but we do not recommend entering your credit card there.

Those are some facts about the Fernando de Noronha islands that you should know before going there. Maybe useful